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Carol Barratt receives Golden Apple Award

Carol Barratt receives Golden Apple Award
Carol Barratt accepting her Golden Apple Award at the Board of Education meeting

Commerce Elementary guest teacher, Carrol Barratt, received a Golden Apple Award at the February 1, 2024 Board of Education meeting.

Barratt was nominated Barb Winters and Jenny Farough because she has an inner drive to help all students in her care. Barratt is a consistent guest teacher at Commerce Elementary covering multiple grade levels and is prompt in her responsiveness to requests and professionalism.

“Carol always arrives early for her guest teacher position, reads through all plans, and makes sure she knows what is need from her throughout the day,” wrote Winters and Farough. “She stays until all prep work or needs are accomplished, has written substitute plans when necessary, and reads the lessons in the curriculum books and follows them to the letter.”

“Carol is a remarkable person who has dedicated countless hours to supporting our students and staff,” shared Commerce Elementary teachers Lori Sparks and Barb Morley. “She has a passion for helping students, whether it is teaching, tutoring or mentoring. She foes it all with a sense of humor, making everyone smile and laugh.”

Barratt does not guest teach for recognition or reward, but instead for the love of the students and her passion for learning and teaching.